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Sabre office – our new project completed in Cracow

Early this year, Sabre Poland moved its head office to a Tischnera Office building. The new office has been arranged by Nowy Styl Group and provided with our products. Check out the effect of our collaboration – take a virtual tour of the new space.

Sabre is a leading technology provider for the tourism industry. Hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels use the company’s software, mobile systems and booking systems. Solutions offered by Sabre are used by companies to manage key operations such as passenger and guest bookings as well as revenue, flight, network and crew management.

Sabre's new office is located in Tischnera Office, one of the biggest and greenest office buildings in Cracow. Despite its large size, the elegant, glazed body makes the building give a very light impression. The many greenery and recreational areas, such as an impressively sized green patio and cascading terraces, are the building’s big advantage, taking up a combined surface area of 2,600 square metres.


- What we have done for Sabre is a comprehensive project which included the planning, arrangement and fitting out of the company’s entire office space - says Agnieszka Ząbroń, Leader of Nowy Styl Group’s Workplace Planning Section Poland. - As we collaborated closely with the investor, we learned about the themes and motifs running through all the office zones and employees’ work system. Based on that, we were able to suggest the right products and match corresponding colours for the space.

Sabre has almost 16,000 m2 of the building’s space at its disposal. In many areas, the design incorporates the theme of travel, highlighted by artworks displayed in the social area and some of the meeting rooms. They include images of great explorers, the space, but also of superheroes. With the thematic variety of the décor, moving between floors sends one to completely different dimensions.


- As we worked on the project, we focused not only on the space itself but also on the needs of the company's employees and their daily processes - adds Agnieszka Ząbroń. - With this kind of a holistic view of the organisation, which is the approach we at Nowy Styl Group take, we can prepare solutions that improve efficiency, stimulate creativity and build team satisfaction. This, in turn, translates into better business performance.

We have provided Sabre’s Cracow office with many of our product solutions. Depending on the type of office zone, these were, for example, eUP desks with height adjustment and Xilium swivel chairs in an open space zone, SQart desks and 2ME visitor chairs in conference rooms, and CS5040 tables and Tauko chairs and hockers in informal meeting spaces.



The eUP line includes easy-to-use and functional desks with electric height adjustment that offer employees a quick break-away from their chair. Those are solutions for everyone, whose simple design will match any space in a company office and home office alike, and their functionality is bound to meet users’ expectations.


The Xilium has been developed as a result of a detailed design and implementation process, which combined the potential of Nowy Styl Group’s best design engineers, technologists and experts. This is how we have created a chair that combines the unique features of a perfect office chair and meets the most stringent expectations of investors, architects and employees. With Xilium’s extremely wide range of configurations and a rich offer of finishes, the customer can rest assured their space design will remain consistent across all spaces.


SQart is a perfect furniture system offering unlimited options. It helps create combinations both perfectly matched to a specific space and useful. SQart is a system with which you can achieve different goals and meet very diverse requirements: of an interior designer, a retailer and a customer.


The 4ME&2ME line is a perfect example of how top-grade design can be combined with functionality. Its designer Martin Ballendat was obviously inspired by ergonomics and comfort. The unique backrest, whose line perfectly supports the user's back and cushions movements, is a distinctive feature of the 4ME swivel chair and the 2ME visitor chair.



CS5040 fits perfectly into modern offices, designer studios and friendly home offices. With a number of functional solutions featured in the desks and workbenches, both individual and team work is extremely comfortable. With the ability to choose different types of base and any combination of colours for the top and the edging, and thanks to functional solutions such as a sliding top, hinged cable ducts and media ports, you can easily tailor the workstation to your needs.


The extensive line of finishes and the trendy colour range of the Tauko chair and coffee table collection make the furniture look perfect in offices, cafes and hotels alike. The Tauko is characterised by soft, organic shapes pleasing to the eye and the use of high-quality wooden elements. The chairs are distinguished by an unusual shape of the seat, made up of two separate halves linked together underneath. With the cleverly contoured line of the seat shell, an intriguing aesthetic effect and full seat comfort are obtained.


It is worth a note that we have also fitted out Sabre’s previous office in Cracow. Moreover, some furniture from the old office has been moved to the new one and continues to serve the company’s employees. This shows how versatile and high-quality our products are. We are thrilled to see Sabre come back and place their trust in us again.

For more photos of the project and the list of products used in the project go here.

Want to see the whole office? Take a virtual tour of Sabre’s new office.

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