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Nowy Styl with a new look. We have started a rebranding process

We have started implementing a new brand strategy for brands making up our product portfolio and our image. The process is aimed at strengthening the dominant international brand: Nowy Styl. The change was first introduced on the Polish market in the autumn of 2019, and now it is launched globally.

After 28 years in the business and several acquisitions completed lately, we feel that not only our customers expect our portfolio to be sorted out, but above all we need it ourselves. The recent dynamic development has allowed the Nowy Styl Group to further increase its foreign market share. On the other hand, having multiple brands in the portfolio is a big challenge for any company, particularly in the B2B sector. We have therefore found we should build a dominant and strong international brand: Nowy Styl.

We have decided to depart from using the term ‘Group’ for an umbrella brand. The change was first introduced on the Polish market, followed by France. The refreshed Nowy Styl brand is going to take over all of the identity earned by the Group to date. The global launch is going to take place at the end of the year.


Segmentation of our portfolio – premium, professional and commodity

Our office solutions will be available globally under 3 brands.

Nowy Styl is the main and key international brand in professional markets which offers high quality office solutions;

Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl is an exclusive brand specialized in individual seating, interior design solutions and premium products dedicated for healthcare industry and airports;

SOHOS by Nowy Styl is a new international brand covering products with basic functionalities, offering excellent value for money dedicated to commodity market.



Brands, which used to be members of the Group, will gradually become an integral part of the Nowy Styl brand – it means professional in fact. This applies to brands with low global awareness (such as BN Office Solution and Grammer Office, for which we are not going to extend a license agreement,). This decision will help us make our actions in many areas more coherent and reach our global customers better.

We have also decided to cease Rohde & Grahl brand. We are grateful for its contribution to the company’s development on German and Dutch markets. The change will not affect Forum Seating and Stylis brand. Sitag will operate exclusively on the Swiss market.


Dynamic development and return to the roots



“We look at the rebranding process much more broadly than just a change of our logo. It marks the start of a new stage in the development of our business, a manifestation of our maturity and a declaration of the direction in which we are heading as an organisation with more than 7,000 employees today” says Adam Krzanowski, Nowy Styl’s President.

“We have transformed from a chair manufacturer into an expert in fitting out office spaces and public areas over the recent years. Our portfolio is now dominated by modern solutions for a number of sectors: offices, stadiums, passenger terminals, hotels and healthcare institutions. Those are excellent quality products designed by superb designers. We keep developing all the time, and we want the way we have come so far to be reflected in our strategy and our communication.”

On the other hand, the name which has been chosen for the core brand means a return to the roots of the company founded by brothers Adam and Jerzy Krzanowski in 1992. “The name Nowy Styl is genuine, as it tells the story of the people who founded and developed the company, their entrepreneurship, the values they believed in, and finally their enormous success, best shown by our company being one of European leaders today. That name is therefore our priceless capital. Besides, the company is already widely known under the name, both in Poland and abroad” explains President Krzanowski.

Closer to customers and to each other

Rafał Chwast, Finance Director and Vice-President of Nowy Styl notes that building a global brand is a clear direction for business development. A common name gives businesses a lot more growth opportunities.

“As a result of the rebranding, we will be able to reach out with our offer to customers more easily. Especially on the project market, as the change will help harmonise our message and thus ensure a coherent ‘customer experience’ – something that the biggest companies out there are doing now” he says. “I am also confident that the new strategy will reinforce the synergy effect and streamline the flow of knowledge and resources between the companies more than ever before, thus supporting our development. Finally, I hope for a stronger integration of our team, working in several countries around the world” he adds.


Power and expressiveness

The initiated change is symbolised by a new logo. It has been designed by an in-house team, made up of people who have been with the organisation for many years. Their knowledge and experience, as well as extensive consultations with the individual markets, have allowed them to identify several dominant features of Nowy Styl, which were then given a suitable graphical form.



“The new logo reflects our strong character, openness and readiness for dialogue,” says Roman Przybylski, Sales Director and Member of the Board for Nowy Styl. “We have also made sure the logo is as legible as possible, and we have opened it up for creatives utilising colour. The new logo design is fresh and modern, in line with current trends in design. Like Nowy Styl itself, it is powerful and expressive but it doesn’t scream all over the place that it’s special.”

The change has already been introduced on the Polish and French markets and it will be continued on a global scale in months to come.

Find out why we have decided to return to ‘Nowy Styl’, a name that has been with us right from the start. Read the article New Style of Thinking. 


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