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Change at Nowy Styl. Answering your key questions

We have started a rebranding process. The new strategy means things will change for the brands that make up our company's portfolio. What exactly is going to change? Which brands are staying in our portfolio? This article answers these and many other questions.

To make it easier for our customers, partners, supporters and our business environment to understand the change, we have prepared a set of key questions and answers. Just pick a question from the list below and click on it to find out the answer. Enjoy the read!


Why did we decide to change the company name from Nowy Styl Group to Nowy Styl?
Our company’s rapid growth in recent years has given us higher shares in many markets. At the same time, the new brands in our company’s portfolio are a big challenge. We have observed that not only our customers expect our multiple-brand portfolio to be sorted out, but above all we need it ourselves. That is why we have decided to go for the change and we chose to build a dominant international brand: Nowy Styl. The refreshed Nowy Styl brand is going to take over all of the identity earned by the Group.

When and where are we introducing the change?
We first started with the rebranding process on the Polish market (in autumn 2019), and it is now being introduced globally. But the whole process is multi-threaded and will take several months. 

What happened to the other brands and their product portfolio?
Most brands have been extinguished and from now on we use the common professional brand Nowy Styl. The exception is the Sitag brand, which operates locally in Switzerland. At the same time we are developing the Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl brand, which is a premium brand in international markets.

The interrelationship between the brands that we are keeping in our portfolio will be emphasised by an endorsement phrase ‘by Nowy Styl’ added to both brand names and logos (e.g. Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl, Sitag by Nowy Styl).

The remaining brands that have previously been part of the Group will gradually become part of the Nowy Styl brand (BN Office Solution or Grammer Office). This decision will help us make activities in many areas more coherent and reach out to global customers even better.

Why did we decide to remove Rohde & Grahl?
It has been 7 years since the Rohde & Grahl brand joined our portfolio. During this time, we confirmed that we fully respect the achievements, knowledge and position of Rohde & Grahl. However, after this time, Nowy Styl is included in all rankings of market leaders, under this name the door opens to greater joint development on a global scale opens. We also believe that the effect of rebranding and making the offer more consistent will simplify everyday work, reduce costs and help with the sales.

What will happen with Rohde & Grahl products?
The products will be available in the Nowy Styl portfolio. Finally, this means that the labels will be changed.

What does the name SOHOS by Nowy Styl mean?
The name comes from well-known acronym „Small Office Home Office”.  The "S" version applies to Small Office Home Office „Solutions”. It is also our response to the current situation related to the coronavirus. We would like to transfer our knowledge about arranging office spaces to home offices.

What is the SOHOS by Nowy Styl portfolio?
Our new international brand covers products with basic functionalities, offering excellent value for money. More information about products coming soon.

What happened to Forum Seating and the brand’s product portfolio?
The Forum Seating brand is not included in this rebranding process. Its product portfolio will remain unchanged.

Why did we decide to change the company’s logo?
The rebranding we are going through right now is not just a change of the logo. It involves a deeper change that affects many areas of our business. It is aimed at strengthening the dominant international brand: Nowy Styl, and it is reflected by the new logo. The new design expresses stable development of our business and preserves its legacy. 

What does the new logo represent?
The new logo reflects our strong character, openness and readiness for dialogue. We have also made sure the logo is as legible as possible, and we have opened it up for creatives utilising colour. The logo design is fresh and modern, in line with current trends in design.

Where can I find the new Nowy Styl logo?
The new logotype, along with a Logo Manual with guidelines for its application can be downloaded from the Press Room tab.

Where can I obtain more information about the change?
For more information on the change please email brands@nowystyl.com



Find out why we have decided to return to the name ‘Nowy Styl’, which has been with us right from the start. Read the article New style of thinking.

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