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From a single chair to 2 500 m2. Our project for Dürr

When arranging a new office, Dürr Poland expected us to approach the task just like they handle their everyday business – to come up with working, deliberate and long-standing solutions for nearly 200 engineers in Poland. The outcome of the project was received with such enthusiasm that it quickly became a reference for other branches of the company. And now we would like to invite you to see the backstage of this project.

In Radom, near the S7 highway to Warsaw, there is the head office of Dürr Poland – the flagship establishment of metal and automotive industry. The company is of German origin, but it delivers its products to dozens of production plants all over the world. These products include for example ready transport systems for automotive production plants, paint shops and pre-dispatch completion. The company’s business success resulted in the need to relocate. The new working space for nearly 200 engineers was planned on the area of 2 500 m2.

Matter-of-fact approach

Dürr approached the relocation project with the typical engineering precision. After the initial appointments in the showroom, the company bought a single chair from Nowy Styl, which was used as testing equipment. Only when the management satisfied itself as to its comfort and durability, did they order a whole batch for the managers and directors.


- As a client, Dürr knew exactly what they needed, but was also open to suggestions and new ideas. We have come up with the concept for the perfect office together, following a series of meetings in our showrooms and at the client’s facility. Each meeting, each brainstorming session produced clear conclusions and pushed us forward. That’s why the whole project proceeded smoothly, by the book –  says Przemysław Bojar, Regional Sales Manager at Nowy Styl.

The project gradually grew and took shape. Finally, we prepared 190 workstations for the Dürr office in Radom and we provided furniture for the offices, meeting rooms and social zones. We also offered a series of individual solutions. One of them is a canteen with wooden fittings. Many of the elements were tailored to this specific space. Complete with Tauko or Cafe – sure-fire winners of the café space - this relaxation zone became light and cosy.


The furniture was designed to be functional, comfortable and ergonomic, which gives the impression that the users and their workstations are in perfect harmony. The employees also appreciate the aesthetic aspect of the rooms and their acoustic properties – adds Paweł Gąciarski, Investment Projects Manager at Dürr Poland.


Two in one

The client’s practical and pragmatic approach is reflected in the office layout. A lot of the furniture chosen by Dürr has more than one role to fulfil. Some products were modified as per the client’s request, so as to accommodate more functions. A good example is a series of wardrobes based on the Sand model, one of our modular acoustic products. Additional tubes installed between individual panels mean that the wardrobes not only have excellent sound-absorbing properties, but are also a practical solution, where the employees can keep their outerwear, and serve to introduce some order in the open space.


Also the Puzlo lockers have their place in the project. One the one hand, they are a place where you can store important documents and personal belongings, while on the other hand they serve as partition walls separating individual parts of the open space and lend a bit of privacy and cosy feel to the large area. SQart cabinets  placed under each desk offer extra storage space. And thanks to the soft, upholstered upper panel, they can be used as a seat by anyone who happens to approach the desk with some business.

- All of our suggestions or requests for changes were immediately reflected in specific solutions in the project. We could always count on the support of the designers and fitters - and we still can. We do appreciate all their efforts – says Paweł Gąciarski.

Room for more

The final result  of the project is a minimalism, neat, technical, wisely planned office, which highlights the client’s global nature. It has just what it takes. But due to its pragmatic design it could come across as a sterile and cold place. That’s why we decided to make it a bit more cosy by introducing wooden elements and soft finish. As a result, the new office in Radom  was received with such enthusiasm that it quickly became a reference for other branches of the company. – The quality of the project and our collaboration means we can recommend Nowy Styl as a team of experts properly qualified to take on new challenges –  claims Paweł Gąciarski. – For our part,  we are happy that the new space was warmly received by its new users  – adds Przemysław Bojar and reveals– We have already commenced negotiations on introducing new sound-absorbing solutions and more greenery, so chances are this collaboration will continue.


With wooden elements and dedicated carpentry solutions, the canteen in the Dürr office became a cosy, warm place, fit for a chillout.

Open space

Comfort and ergonomics. These were the priorities for Dürr, when they opted for premium products when furnishing workstations for its employees.

Open space

Puzlo lockers have multiple functions in the office – they provide storage space and separate individual area of the open space, thus improving the acoustic properties of the place.

Meeting space

In addition to traditional meeting rooms, the office also features extensive, modern acoustic systems.

Conference room

This is a meeting space where people get together to discuss larger projects.

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