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From A to Z. See the backstage of our project for Solet

Specialists from many various departments got together to arrange the office for Solet. They accompanied the Client throughout the journey and made sure to fulfil the dream of a beautiful and comfortable workplace. As a result, they created an office which attracts employees with premium quality solutions and much more. See the interior and learn more about how we did it.

Specialists from Solet, a company based in Lublin, deal with mathematics, economics and IT, so we figured it will be best to describe their business using numbers: over 20 years they provided their clients with more than 700 analytical models related to  Business Intelligence, Data Science and Controlling, which were used to process more than 100 PB of data. One PB has so many zeroes that it is in itself enough to make a lasting impression, while collaboration with IBM, Microsoft and Oracle serves to corroborate the knowledge and experience of this company.

Each project starts with observations – this is when the team collects data in order to interpret it afterwards. The last phase is finding the right application. When creating a new Solet office, experts from Nowy Styl adopted this mode, too. We shared our knowledge and skills with the Client, starting from the decision to change the office, through the analysis of the working style and needs, planning the space and interior design, to complex furnishing. In brief – it was an A to Z service.

Project summary



Analytics / IT


Number of workstations

Ca. 25



700 m2

Challenges - Solutions - Results


Challenges - problems in the previous office

  1. The space was shared by teams with various needs – consultants and programmers
  2. The kitchen was too small
  3. The need to replace the equipment and furniture

Solutions used in the new office

  1. Separating the teams at the stage of space planning, by designing separate, larger rooms
  2. Designing a spacious, homely and cosy kitchen with access to sunlight
  3. Using the latest product lines to furnish the office, including a chair selected after a series of tests conducted among the employees


  1. Greater effectiveness and comfort for each team
  2. Creating a comfortable place for integration and regeneration, which will serve to maintain good atmosphere and boost effectiveness
  3. Improving working conditions and creating an office that is the pride of the company

Teams involved in the project

Workplace Consulting, Workplace Planning, commercial team, Customer Service

Product lines

Explore the backstage of the project

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Stage one: defining the needs

More than a decade ago, Solet came up with Business Intelligence solutions for us. At that time, Nowy Styl had only just started its international expansion, so the company has been following our progress since then. They decided to ask us to design their new office space after we had successfully helped them out with the previous arrangement. - Back then Nowy Styl provided furniture to arrange a space of 350 square meters.  These were really splendid solutions at that time and they stayed with us for about 10 years  – says Magdalena Miller-Wiśniewska, Operational Director at Solet.

Since then, the company has increased its headcount and soon found the employees had no place to work. Another thing that made work difficult was the fact that consultants and programmers had to  share the same workspace. The former spend most of their day on the phone, while the latter need silence to focus. Plus, there were a few things that were not so important ten years ago, for example a tiny kitchen, which was not regarded as a priority at that time. In the research into consumer needs, conducted by Anna Dziadkowiec, Senior Workplace Consultant for Nowy Styl, these problems were used to create a list of priorities.

Based on the interviews and surveys conducted among Solet employees, our specialist drew up a report. She decided to devote a lot of attention to the description of the kitchen.


- The staff dream about a spacious, yet cosy kitchen, with warm colours and a homely atmosphere. The people wanted a kitchen filled with natural light, complete with living plants on the walls. But above all they longed for a place where they could eat something together and just talk – sums up Anna Dziadkowiec.

Another survey was related to the choice of chair. - Solet received four models for testing. The employees evaluated them, considering four features, such as comfortable seat and headrest, adjustable back, intuitive mechanism or design. The winner would be the chair that  received the highest score among most testers – explains Anna Dziadkowiec. Another way to involve the staff in creating a new office was to ask them  about the layout of shared zones in the office. This is how we collected a few suggestions, which were later used in the project.


Stage two: conclusions and solutions

After the information was duly analysed, the best chair was chosen and certain guidelines were formulated as regards the arrangement and design of the kitchen. The analysis also helped us define the company’s needs as regards their working style. Based on the conclusions, the team headed by Agnieszka Ząbroń, the Leader of the Nowy Styl Workplace Planning Section for Poland proposed an optimum space layout.

- Cellular office was the best idea, considering the needs expressed by Solet. We created two large enclosed spaces for teams of a few people, keeping consultants and programmers separate. Data analysts got a separate room. On top of this, we designed a conference room for 8 people, also used for brainstorming and as a focus room. In the centre of the office we placed a spacious kitchen with chillout space, where the staff can relax and integrate – says the architect.

The interior arrangement was inspired by a visit paid by Solet representatives to the Nowy Styl office in Kraków. Przemysław Bojar, Regional Sales Manager at Nowy Styl, gave our guests a tour of the place. - They liked everything: from the reception desk, through the light and lively colours, walls covered with living plants, workstations, to the kitchen, which was then treated as a reference when they planned their own space – he says. Work on the project went smooth, also because Solet is located in the vicinity of the Nowy Styl showroom in Lublin. In fact, the two are in the same building – CZ Office Park, ul. Nałęczowska 14.

Stage three: end-to-end arrangement and furnishing

Solet can boast a home-like atmosphere within their team. Magdalena Miller-Wiśniewska believes this is because the headcount is not too high - the company currently employs ca. 25 – but also because working conditions are a priority. Specialists from Nowy Styl confirm her words – the solutions we chose for the Solet office are all premium products.

The company opted for eModel desks with electric height adjustment and the Sail chair, which received the highest score during the tests. Workstations are complete with SQart containers and Play&Work lockers. In the rooms and corridors there are elements of the Hexa modular system, where the employees can relax, talk on the phone or meet up. Managerial offices have been provided with the furniture from the Play&Work line, while the members of the board received the prestigious eRange system. The conference room uses the CX3200 system, and for the kitchen we chose the Tauko line and Tepee sofas. There was also a place for a swing, LinkUP chaise longue and Dotto balls.


- The staff at Solet appreciate not only comfortable furniture, but also the proper layout  of individual rooms and zones, which is reflected in their effectiveness. The new office is a place they like. They feel good here. They know their employer cares. Therefore, it soon became an employer branding tool for the company –  claim the members of our team.

The office is also the pride of the company and an advantage when trying to attract new specialists. Magdalena Miller-Wiśniewska recalls one event related to the relocation: - While recruiting an employee, I conducted the first interview in our old office. That’s when I told this candidate that we are soon moving and the new office will be much nicer and better equipped. When we met in the new office, she said she was hoping the new office would be attractive, but never expected it to be so stunning.

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