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  • Orgatec 2022: 28 new products shown on Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co’s joint stand

Orgatec 2022: 28 new products shown on Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co’s joint stand

Orgatec 2022 was unique in many respects – normally held every two years, this time the show took place after a four-year break caused by the pandemic. A lot changed in those four years – new needs revolutionized the modern world of work and translated directly into specific requirements for offices. Consequently, this year's international trade fair for modern work environments Orgatec in Cologne welcomed visitors with solutions that were entirely different from those shown in previous years.   

The leitmotif of Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co’s presentation at the Orgatec was the idea of Reunion, viewed from three perspectives:

- as a reunion with customers and partners;
- as a reference to the new function of offices which – now more than ever – have become meeting places and provide employees with spaces to mix, ensure balance and offer a sense of belonging;
 - as a single shared stand that brings together Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co – two brands with complementary product ranges.

Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co exhibited a total of 28 new products that respond to the changing needs of the modern world of work.


“It was a true Reunion” said Roman Przybylski, Member of the Board and Sales Director, Nowy Styl. “Many meetings and a lot of mixing with customers happened at Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co’s stand during those five days. The time of the pandemic that separated us has now, paradoxically, brought us closer together – an even greater need for meetings, integration and a sense of belonging became noticeable after the break, particularly clear from the number of visitors who enjoyed spending time at our stand, and the number of new inquiries.”

28 new products in response to the needs of modern offices

New products from the two brands were very popular. Nowy Styl's solutions were created to meet office-related needs that we missed at the time when it was impossible to work from the office. These needs include being able to mix with colleagues, a sense of belonging to the team and organization and a balance between home and work, which calls for some quiet time. 

A particularly noteworthy new arrival from Nowy Styl, the WithME chair, was awarded the German Innovation Award '21 Special. The chair reflects 100% the new work culture, promotes teamwork, mobility and readiness to switch between projects, collaborators and locations. Due to its compact size and low weight, the WithME is also a perfect chair for the home office.


New products from Kusch+Co stood out with their excellent quality and unique design. Kusch+Co, which has a long history of working with world-renowned designers, premiered two new products at the Orgatec 2022: the Bound line, designed by Karim Rashid and Genaya, a range of soft seating designed by brodbeck-koepp design. In addition to these new arrivals, Kusch+Co also showed 7 other new products. 


Explore all of our new products.


Meetings with designers, inspirations and modern solutions

Meetings with the designers of new products were a special highlight of Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co’s stand. In his speech, Martin Ballendat talked about the WithME chair, which had been awarded the German Innovation Award '21 Special. 

Justus Kolberg, a German designer repeatedly awarded for his designs, introduced his latest work for the Kusch+Co brand: the V-Care chair, which had received the Red Dot Design Award 2022. 


Particularly popular with visitors was an agile zone at the stand, which matches perfectly the latest trends in office design. The idea behind an agile zone is to have a space easily adapted to the ever-changing needs of users. Accordingly, not only did the zone receive a different arrangement on each day of the event, but it was also readily adapted by visitors to match the nature of the individual meetings. 

In breaks between exploring the new products and solutions and meetings with designers, the visitors could come to a cafe at the heart of the stand. Over breakfast, coffee or lunch, they could continue to talk and enjoy moments of relaxation. Also in afternoons the cafe was used as a meeting space for daily informal networking sessions. 

Check out photos from the event


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