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Orgatec 2018: Let’s meet in Coffee Garden

Let’s #MakeYourSpace together - under this heading, we are inviting our partners and customers to Cologne. At the Orgatec fair, we will present our new solutions and encourage a discussion about the future of office space. A month before the start of the fair, we reveal the concept of our stand.

"Looking for a concept for our stand, we were inspired by the space of the Office Inspiration Centre in Kraków, Poland, where our guests not only get to know but also experience with all their senses a space arranged in keeping with the latest office trends. The heart of the stand will be a Coffee Garden - a good place to meet and get some respite from the hustle and bustle of the fair” says Sebastian Wiśniewski, the designer of the stand.

Coffee Garden


The Coffee Garden occupies a central place in the design of the stand.  Sofas and soft seating, fresh greenery, the smell of ground coffee, light themed snacks and café buzz - this is how we want to create good conditions for talking about solutions for the work environment and having a nice time.

 “Coffee Garden is an example of what modern canteens can look like. The office is more and more often perceived not only as a place where individual tasks are performed, but also as a hub of the organization, which is expected to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, cooperation and building relationships. By arranging canteens like cafes, entrepreneurs give their employees a signal that their needs - to satisfy hunger, regenerate and integrate are important to the organization. They also encourage free conversations, which - as research has shown - are the source of the most creative ideas” adds Sebastian Osuch, Business Development Manager at the Nowy Styl Group.

In the Inspiration Zone

There is no single recipe for an office. How it is organized or the style of interior should be tailored to the organizational culture, work model and business needs. We invite you to visit the Inspiration Zone to look for your own style through creative play with the latest products and a new chart of fabrics and colours.  Experts will wait for you there to suggest and consult about ideas and help choose colour concepts for the expected climate of your office.

 “We are interested to see how our ideas will be received by customers. In each market, office trends take a slightly different shape, so we hope for many inspiring discussions” says Joanna Zapała, Showroom Designer for the Nowy Styl Group.


A model office

The surface area of our stand will be more than 800m2, enough to present solutions for various types of zones and offices, responding to the changing needs of the work environment. Universal desks and lockers for interiors in which people work in a desk sharing system, flexible workstations for team- and individual work, dedicated for coworking offices, comfortable furniture for less and more official meeting areas, and acoustic panels. An important role at the exhibitions will be played by new solutions, never shown before.

 “Work mobility means that offices need to be flexible and work stations need to keep up with the work styles, individual preferences and physical conditions of employees. That is why our biggest new arrival, shown for the first time, will be an extensive line of office chairs characterized by above–average range of adjustment and configurability, thanks to which they will meet the expectations of our international customers” says Karolina Manikowska, Head of Workplace Research and Consulting Department and Product Management Department.


PLANT 10.1

Our products - the LinkUP soft seating and Xenium chair - have also been selected for an experimental installation PLANT 10.1, in which designers invited by the IBA organization specifically for Orgatec will create an artistic installation and a space suited to new styles of working. Inspiration, intuition, imagination, improvisation and cooperation – this is how the creators of the zone intend to unleash the most creative ideas for the office of the future.

We invite you to read our inspirational cycle in which we analyze the five features of modern work spaces: quiet, flexible, free, social and smart.

You are welcome to join us at Nowy Styl Group’s stand in Hall 7.1. , No. B/C 030-031.

Let's #MakeYourSpace together!

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