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Nowy Styl Group to showcase its 2018 new arrivals

Multitasking, intuitive to use, creativity friendly and focused on room acoustics. Products that we are going to show for the first time at the Orgatec fair in Cologne (23-27 October) reflect the changing needs of the working environment. Thanks to cooperation with experienced designers, the new solutions are not only fully functional, but also helpful in arranging interiors that are suited to an organizational culture.

“At the Workplace Research and Consulting Department, we analyze global business trends to predict how workplace needs will be evolving. We also talk to our clients about their current needs, which is how we set about working on new solutions” says Karolina Manikowska, Director of the Workplace Research and Consulting Department and the Product Management Department.

Our motto for this year’s Orgatec is “Let's #MakeYourSpace together”, which is our way of emphasizing the importance of good cooperation for the perfect matching of office solutions to an organization. Our exhibition in Cologne will show comprehensive solutions, in line with modern trends, which help to design offices that are easily adaptable (flexible), support communication (social), are acoustically comfortable (quiet), provide freedom to act (free) and are intelligently managed (smart).

Freedom in the office, or Let’s #MakeYourSpace free!

to girls seating on Xilium chairs
Office chair line Xilium, design by: Martin Ballendat

Thanks to its many functional solutions, Xilium is a chair model that allows you to choose your own way of sitting. With the wide seat, you can adopt a relaxed sitting position, for example with the legs folded up. 360° adjustable armrests allow you to comfortably use various mobile devices. Xilium’s x-move mechanism and synchronous mechanism allow user’s body to move in three planes: forward and backward, sideways and in a twisting motion. Lean back freely to let your thoughts fly away for a while as you take a break, thanks to the wide range of the mechanism’s counter-pressure adjustment.

And although all this seems to contradict the generally accepted rules of good sitting, it is about not spending all day in one position. You have to move: the best sitting position is always the next one.

The look of the chair refers to the concept of universal design. With the wide range of finishes, the different backrest types and the option to choose a mechanism with additional functions, Xilium chairs offer a functional solution for offices, regardless of their size or style of interior design.The look of the chair refers to the concept of universal design. With the wide range of finishes, the different backrest types and the option to choose a mechanism with additional functions, Xilium chairs offer a functional solution for offices, regardless of their size or style of interior design.

Puzlo lockers

Puzlo is a line of lockers – cabinets where employees working in the desk sharing system can store their personal items. The line is fully configurable, so it can be adapted for a variety of needs. It offers various locker cabinet designs, sets with one, two or three columns, cabinets with or without fronts, doors with different types of locks (mechanical combination lock, cylindrical key lock, electronic lock with an RFID card reader), with a mail slot and handles oriented horizontally or vertically. The list of options is long, and combined with many different front colours to choose from it allows you to create interesting spatial and visual effects.

Denuo, design by: Daniel Figueroa

The soaring, geometric line of Denuo’s backrest brings freshness and good energy to the office. The colour range of fabrics has been selected specifically for this model. The trendy burgundy, inspiring emerald green, soft grey and universal black and navy blue make a perfect match for the colours of the plastic frame of the backrest. This offers a potential for both contrasting and monochromatic combinations to be created.

The colours are accompanied by various textures of backrest fabric. Attention-grabbing 3D diamond-shaped pattern, transparent mesh and traditional, flat-woven upholstery. A universal and reliable synchronous mechanism, a comfortable wide seat and 4D armrests ensure the comfort and well-being of the user.

Flexibility, or Let’s #MakeYourSpace flexible!

Desk line CS5040

“C” stands for compact design, “S” represents smart solutions. Desks, workbenches and tables from the CS5040 line support communication, creative team work and individual activities discreetly but effectively, creating a comfortable zone that boosts efficiency.

The key points of the design are two shapes of the base, an optional spacer between the desktop and the frame, and a very wide range of colours in which tops and edges can be finished. This makes arranging an interior an exceptionally easy and pleasant experience, while staying in line with the requirements for offices.

Technical minimalism has been achieved through the use of a base bracket - a patented solution with which workplace components (screen panel, modesty panel and cable duct) can be added or removed flexibly. CS5040’s functionalities that streamline work include a sliding top and a media port built into the top. The CS5040 line is complemented by high tables and conference tables.

Communication and bonding, or Let’s #MakeYourSpace social!

Soft seating Play&Work, design by: WertelOberfell

The Play&Work line of sofas will be a great solution for informal meeting areas, funrooms and other relaxation areas. By picking modules in intense, vivid colours and juxtaposing them with free-standing tables, you can create the perfect space to have your morning coffee over which you and your team can plan out your entire day at the office.

Play&Work sofas with high, upholstered walls can be used to build a “room in a room”: a separate area close to the work area, where you can sit down and discuss a project with your colleagues at any time. They are a flexible solution for offices where employees need a lot of small rooms and meeting areas for spontaneous meetings.

Noise management, or Let’s #MakeYourSpace quiet!

Sileo S

Sometimes, modern offices resemble busy crossroads in a big city, full of overwhelming clamour and noise. Sileo is an extensive line of sound-absorbing panels designed for acoustic adaptation of offices. It consists of products with varying applications and assembly methods: desk panels, wall panels and suspended panels. Now, the line has been expanded with Sileo S models - with a slightly different design and visually lighter.


Felt wall panels Formo will perfectly complement any zone. Using felt panels, you can not only decorate the walls in an unobvious way, but also give your space a warm, more cosy and home-like character.

At the Orgatec, we are presenting a new pattern of the Formo panels and an acoustic curtain. The openwork curtain made of felt improves the psychoacoustic comfort of the room. Spaces which are visually sectioned-off by the curtain are cosy and encourage creativity.

You are welcome to join us at our Coffee Garden and stand in Hall 7.1., No. B/C 030-031.

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