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At Nowy Styl, we firmly believe in responsible business and we strongly support that idea in our daily work. In our mission statement, we put people first. It is for them that we make our products and deliver our projects. We want our solutions, knowledge and experience to help people work in healthier and more comfortable environments. At the same time, we build a strong and ethical organisation that supports employee development and local communities.

We are aware that our operations have an impact on the natural environment, and we strive to reduce or neutralise it with future generations in mind. We set ourselves goals in areas that we see as key, and we account for those goals in detail in our Sustainability Report titled Make Your Space Responsible.

Sustainability Development Report

The latest edition of the “Make your space responsible” report for 2020-2021 presents the accomplishment of further ambitious objectives and commitments during a difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the global crisis, Nowy Styl has achieved more than 90% of its predefined goals related to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Explore our report and see how far we have come. Enjoy the read!


We care about relationships

In 2012, we joined the UN Global Compact initiative, which has set international standards of accountability in business. We committed to complying with 10 rules in areas such as human rights, labour standards and environmental protection, and to preventing corruption and continuing our development in those areas. We are also involved in the implementation of 8 of 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. We have included the global guidelines in our strategic documents: Code of Ethics, Supplier Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.


We are regularly audited by independent experts (such as EcoVadis) so we can keep developing and improving our responsible business policy.

EcoVadis is a technology platform which helps the assessment of an organization's CSR practices and behaviour. The assessment covers four areas: environmental, social, ethical and supply chain.

EcoVadis Gold

Together we are a team

There are more than 7,000 people in our organisation. We come from different age groups and we have many different specialisations. We also come from dozens of countries, we speak more than ten languages and we look at certain things differently. What do we have in common? Ambition, humbleness, honesty and tolerance – these values define our approach to cooperation, both with each other and with our customers. Thanks to them, we can overcome geographical and cultural barriers, and together we are a team.




We have covered the values and ethical principles we follow in Nowy Styl Code of Ethics.


We build an organisational culture

We strive to shape an organisational culture based on values right from the first days at work. We want every new employee to feel part of our international team. Our production facilities have induction programmes in place, and office workers are offered onboarding.

The key role in the induction process is played by foremen and instructors. A foreman oversees induction as a whole, and an instructor – an experienced employee specifically prepared for this role – actively helps the new worker to acquire new skills.

Onboarding, on the other hand, is based on a series of meetings which last for several days. They take place at the Office Inspiration Centre, our flagship showroom in Kraków. The programme includes training sessions about how our company has grown historically and the specific nature of our business, team-building activities and factory tours.


Onboarding NSG


A culture of safety and development

We place particular emphasis on protecting our employees. For many years, we have been engaged in activities that together build a culture of safety. Our efforts bring results: in October 2020, we celebrated two years without an accident at the Plastic Processing Plant and the Office Furniture Factory in Jasło.

We also work to ensure that our employees get opportunities to improve their skills and develop their professional competences. We also provide soft-skill training opportunities to help our workers develop their personality and to assist them both in their daily work and private lives.


Health and team building

We know very well that the well-being of our workers and team spirit are key to the continued growth of the company. We therefore strive to create the best possible conditions for our employees to practice sports and opportunities for them to get to know each other.

  • Our company sports teams help us promote a healthy lifestyle to our employees. Being able to train and enter competitions together is also a chance for people working in different offices and factories, often in different parts of the world, to integrate.
  • Open days events, which our factories have been holding for eight years now, are another opportunity for integration. We organise them to invite the families of our employees to see how their loved ones work.
  • We share our ideas and success stories in our in-house magazine called LinkUP, published in Polish, English, German and French.


The number of people on Nowy Styl’s team. Our company brings together dozens of nationalities and the competences of over 7,000 personalities. We look at our employees’ various cultures, languages, knowledge and experience as an asset of our organisation.




In 2020, two Nowy Styl factories – the Plastic Processing Plant and the Office Furniture Factory in Jasło – celebrated two full years without a single accident. In our sector, this is a huge success and clear evidence that it really pays off to consistently build a safety culture.




Almost 100% of our crew work locally. We operate in an international environment, but following the ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ motto we have a policy of local recruitment. As a result, we are close to our customers as an organisation, but on the other hand we also contribute to the growth of the labour market in the regions where we operate.




The number of recruitment processes we carried out over the last two years. We have also prepared a handbook of good recruitment and selection practices for managers. To ensure equal opportunities and prevent discrimination, every person taking part in a recruitment process is assessed with regard to the same pre-defined set of skills for a job specification.



Designing spaces furnished with responsibility

Our company consists of the following brands: Nowy Styl, Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl, SOHOS by Nowy Styl, Sitag by Nowy Styl, Forum by Nowy Styl and Stylis. Each of them offers solutions that together form a very extensive product portfolio. As a result, we can respond to the various needs of our customers and be active on many different markets. Everywhere we operate, we always care about the natural environment.

We aim to gradually shift our business model from linear economy to circular economy. A vital example here is a project we have completed for the Netherlands government, which included all the elements of a model process: maintenance, redistribution, repair, renovation, repurposing and recycling. The project used chipboard, which is 85% recycled wood, and we recycled as much as 20 tonnes of wood when replacing desk tops. 100% recycled desk tops have already been included in our permanent offer.

Planning a space

To be able to provide employees with the right conditions in the office, it is essential to know their needs and then plan the space accordingly. That is why we have been expanding our Workplace Research and Consulting Department for the past couple of years, which has performed a number of research projects for our customers. Here is what we have found out from those projects:

  • 59% of the employees surveyed say the availability of a chillout room is important,
  • 54% of office users say access to a telephone booth is very important,
  • as much as 71% of communication within the office takes place in the form of two-person meetings.

We realise, however, that no two offices are the same. There are no two identical spaces and, more importantly, no two identical teams made up of people with the same characteristics. Therefore, we approach every project individually and take into account the specific nature of every client company.

See our latest reports and publications.

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Our knowledge of ergonomics is based on many years of experience and science. We have developed a whole range of innovative ergonomic systems for our chairs, such as: GLIDE-TEC, Duo-Back, S-MOVE, X-MOVE, AirShaped and AirCare. To create them, we have engaged internationally recognised designers, doctors, psychologists and sociologists. As a result, we can design products and solutions that help care for the health of employees and improve their work comfort.

The Xilium chair line is a good example of how we understand ergonomics and the advanced knowledge around it. The chair can grow or shrink by as much as 30% when adjusted. It also supports daily exercise, as it can move on three planes.

Height-adjustable desks which allow one to work standing up also support comfortable and healthy work.




Our research shows that as many as 85% of people working in open space offices find them too loud. We want to change this. In 2018–2019, we launched an acoustics laboratory where we conduct computer simulations on our products. Our acoustic engineers also share their knowledge and experience: we hold training sessions both internally for our company and for our business partners.




Our products hold 17 different certificates confirming their durability, safety, ergonomics and the absence of hazardous substances. Some of those include: Quality Office Certificate, Toxproof, Blue Angel and Oeko Tex.



More than 20 Nowy Styl products hold a Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It is an independently verified and registered document that provides transparent and comparable information on the environmental impact of products at different stages of production and throughout their life cycle.




The number of levels in our system of services based on circular economy. The smaller the loop, the less energy, materials and emissions are involved in its accomplishment. For example: if a piece of furniture is maintained, the impact on the environment is much smaller than if it was recycled.




In the production of our furniture, we are guided by environmental awareness. An audit of the structure, origin and recyclability of all materials was a very important stage in the implementation of the Xilium chair line. As a result, about 96% of them can be reused. We also keep making improvements to our previous models. For the Xenium chair, these improvements included giving up adhesive in favour of foam made from paper industry waste (biobased foam).



Building a sustainable supply chain

We work with more than two thousand companies from all over the world every day. Most of them come from Poland, Germany and Switzerland. To ensure they all follow the same ethical principles, share similar values as ourselves, and care about the highest quality of products and services, we have introduced the Supplier Code of Conduct. In the document, we share our vision and goals in areas such as sustainability policy and ethics. It helps us verify our partners and gives us confidence that our supply chain is sustainable.




Supply chain management

Managing the supply chain is just as demanding as building it. We have designed tools and implemented measures to help us maintain our standards:

  • When purchasing raw materials, we are guided by our Nowy Styl Procurement Policy.
  • We have been working to build production autonomy for many years, so today we are confident about the quality and timeliness of our production: we have our own factories with a total area of 220,000 m2 in seven European countries. We also have our in-house R&D Centre and we continue to invest in fourth generation industrial solutions.
  • We are working on an effective and green transport policy: we deliver our products with double deck vehicles to maximise cargo space utilisation rate.




Our products and solutions go to every part of the world. Nowy Styl’s transport policy is to utilise cargo space to the maximum and avoid empty runs. By making most of the components in our own factories, we optimise transport conditions, reducing the negative impact on the environment.




The number of companies we work with every day. In the last two years, 100% of our new suppliers were vetted with respect to the environmental and social criteria.




The percentage by which we increase the cargo capacity of our fleet by using double deck trucks. This makes the distribution process more efficient and reduces harmful exhaust emissions. For the duration of warehouseing and transport, furniture is protected from damage with reusable protective covers. This solution responds to the needs of customers, who see respect for the environment as important.




Production autonomy is our strength. We have our own factories in 7 European countries. Production is based on modern technologies and IT systems. We have our in-house tool shop and multifunctional machinery stock for end-to-end processing of wood, metals and plastics.




Out of concern for climate change

We all work according to a certified Integrated Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Management System. The document regulates our commitments in areas such as rational consumption of raw materials and the use of technology to reduce the volume of production waste and minimise our environmental impact. It also serves as a base on which we can determine more detailed environmental objectives. We aim to implement circular economy in all our companies and branches in the near future. What does it mean in practice?



Environmentally-friendly materials

Our production processes use wood and wood-based materials, steel, fabrics, plastics and upholstery foams. In spite of the ever-growing production, we are able to minimise our environmental impact thanks to the quality standards we have accepted.

  • We prepare Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our key products.

  • Materials used for production include solid wood and wood-based materials such as chipboards, fibreboards and dowels, which are certified according to the FSC® standard (FSC-C120977). Ask for our FSC®-certified products. 

  • We are adding more and more fabrics to our range of finishes that are recycled or come from renewable sources. We have also introduced polyester fabrics, composed of 97% up to even 100% of post-consumer polyester.

  • We use EU Ecolabel-certified fabrics, Oeko-Tex® and Cradle to Cradle Bronze-certified textiles and Wools of New Zealand wool.

  • We convert post-production plastic waste into new chair components. Some armrests, covers and frames are made from regranulate, a material we produce ourselves at our Plastic Processing Plant.

  • We use more and more returnable packaging, thereby reducing our consumption of plastic wrap (by 15% at the Armchair and Chair Production Plant in Jasło).



CO2 emissions

We are aware of the impact of CO2 emissions on climate change, which is why we strive for their gradual elimination. In 2019, we reduced our relative gas emissions by as much as 29% compared to previous years.

Last year, we also implemented CO2 Performance Ladder instruments in our companies (Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o., Rohde & Grahl GmbH and Rohde & Grahl B.V.).



Energy efficiency and green energy

We have purchased CNC machines for the treatment of solid wood and wood-based materials for our R&D Centre and Wood Processing Plant at Rzepedź, which have allowed us to reduce detail treatment time due to the innovative technological solutions, thus saving 10-15% of energy.

We have launched an automatic cutting room for the cutting of fabrics and leather in the Armchair and Chair Production Plant in Jasło, and modernised the software used to control cut layouts. This has let us reduce the cut-out preparation (nesting) time by a whopping 80%. As a result, electricity consumption per product has gone down significantly and material consumption dropped by an average of 2.14% per contract.

At our Rohde & Grahl plant and offices in Voigtei and Steyerberg, Germany, 100% of the energy consumed is the so-called green energy, sourced from renewable sources - mainly Scandinavian hydropower plants.

Two of our plants in Poland have their own waste water treatment plants (the Wood Processing Plant at Rzepedź and the Metal Production Plant).




We see continuing progress in reducing the emissions of harmful substances. In 2019, our relative CO2 emissions dropped by as much as 29% compared to previous years. The goal we want to achieve by 2025 is to keep reducing CO2 emissions by 2.1% every year.




We are engaged in a project for the Netherlands government where our job is to mend chairs, including models delivered up to 15 years ago. Their plastic elements not suitable for further use are converted to a regranulate at our Factory in Jasło, which is then used to make new chairs. In this way, the circuit of circular economy is closed.





Panels in the Tepee modular system are made from pressed felt, which is a fully recycled material. The fibres are made from 100% recycled PET bottles. 1 m2 of the fabric is made by grinding 22 500 ml plastic bottles.



We have an ML02 powder coating line, which is equipped with technologies that not only ensure the quality of painted elements, but also improve the quality of work environment and natural environment. We have reduced paint consumption by 30-40%, depending on the colour, and we have a paint recycling system in place to reuse dye that has failed to settle on the detail being painted. We also reuse the hot air emitted for heating purposes.




Spurring local development

Our social commitment is guided by these principles:

  • localness – we focus on activities happening as close as possible to our communities;
  • continuation – our activities are recurring, which means we focus on long-term relationships.

All our decisions related to providing support for projects are taken in line with our Donations, Social Commitment and Sponsorship Policy.

Education of children and young people

We help to level the playing field in access to education. Established by Adam and Jerzy Krzanowski, the Janusz Korczak Foundation has provided support to gifted children from the region of Podkarpacie since 2001. The main instrument it uses in its activities are individual scholarships granted to dozens of students every year. We are also involved in the work of the Siemacha Association.

We teach entrepreneurship from an early age: we actively support an economic education programme for primary school pupils. The programme was inspired by the publication of a handbook The World of Money. Initially, it was taught to the pupils of one school in Krosno, to later be expanded to other schools in the city.



Cultural support

Our contribution to cultural development and promotion has included extensive support for the activities of the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music at Lusławice. In addition to fitting out a concert hall with comfortable seats, we have funded the organisation of concerts, performances and courses for novice musicians.

We also support the Krosno Young Arts Festival – an annual event presenting various faces of classical music, often in very surprising interpretations, which has won a large group of supporters in Krosno, Poland and across Europe.


Popularisation and support for sports

We believe that sport helps you stay in good health and shapes your character, which is why we support local sport clubs and teams in the Podkarpackie and Małopolskie provinces. Our team has taken part in a charity event Kraków Business Run for the past five years.



Education of children and young people, support for culture, and popularisation and support for sports – these are the main areas of our engagement in helping local communities where our offices and factories operate.



The sum we have donated to educational scholarships for the wards of the Janusz Korczak Foundation through which we have been supporting the development of talented children and young people from Podkarpacie since 2001.

Our CSR awards

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