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#WinterOffice: How to improve your workplace?

New Year, perfect time for a change. Frankly speaking, any other day would be just as good. Still, there must be something special about New Year’s Day, because it is in January that we usually consider changing our habits. Also those related to better organisation. If you are a messy person, this is a good time to stop and think about it. You don’t have to become fussy or pedantic right away, but you can do something to improve your own workplace and impact the work of others as well. Below you will find a few ideas on how to do it.

Improve the space around you

Start with evaluating the status quo. Approach your desk and have a close look at it. Consider all the equipment and furniture nearby and answer the following questions.


Is your workplace properly lit?

Nobody would like to work in an office without windows. Sunlight affects our biological clock. Insufficient amount of sunlight may disrupt our circadian cycle, which in turn causes insomnia and fatigue during the day. Needless to say, this will reduce our effectiveness to a great extent. This is why you should take your time to make sure your workplace is properly lit. Maybe you could do with an extra source of light, especially now, in winter, when the day is still quite short.

Is it messy?

Do you believe in artistic chaos and see it as a manifestation of your innate talents? We find this concept appealing, too. Still, you are well advised to try and keep your workplace relatively tidy. Remember – a tidy desk helps you focus, and this will definitely affect your everyday work.

Is your chair comfortable?

If not, try to do something about it. Without a comfortable seat, be it at work or in your leisure time, sooner or later you will suffer from pain in your neck and back, not to mention unpleasantly tense shoulders. Remember: don’t sit still all day. Find some time to stand up and move around. If you have access to sit-to-stand workstations – that’s great news!

What colours are dominant in your workplace?

It is widely known that colours affect the way we feel. If possible, try to make your workplace light and cheerful. We explored the impact of colours in our previous cycle titled #SummerOffice. You will find the links at the end of this article.

Get rid of distractors

They prolong your work and keep you at your desk longer than necessary. How do you organise your workplace to avoid distraction? It actually depends on the nature of your job. If your tasks require maximum focus, try to find a moment to steer away from your mailbox and the constant stream of incoming messages. Try not to be distracted by sounds from the outside.

If you work in a zone office, find a place to match your current job – a meeting room, focus room, phone booth or at your desk.


Music is your ally

Although loud music may disturb you, properly selected and subtle melody can work miracles. Are you sleepy? Coffee doesn’t help? If the nature of your work allows, grab your headphones and play the music. Appropriate music will not distract your attention. On the contrary, it will be an excellent background for the tasks you are supposed to complete. You will find quite a few relevant titles here. There are many of them, so you will most definitely pick something to suit your taste.

Pick what you need…

Small things make up the landscape around you. Once you sit down at your desk, try to keep all the necessary things within reach. It might be a laptop, a notebook and a pen. Or a mobile phone and sticky notes. And sometimes it’s only the PC. Whatever the case, having all of those things (only those you really need) within reach will make your life (and work) easier.

A configurable line of lockers Puzlo
A configurable line of lockers Puzlo

…and store the rest in Puzlo

Even if we are all in favour of electronic circulation and online documents, papers, trinkets and gadgets will sooner or later find the way to your desk. Not to mention the office laptop, which you would store somewhere safe rather than take it home with you. Puzlo office lockers are a perfect solution. Since this line of lockers is fully customisable, you can choose either generally accessible lockers or those that guarantee individual access with a card. Broad range of finishing solutions will help you design your Puzlo the way you like it. You can even opt for cold winter colours, the synonym of classical elegance, like the design shown above.

Puzlo can also have an extra function, especially appreciated by those who don’t like sticky notes. If you choose a proper laminate, you can use the surface to write messages for your colleagues or notes to self.

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