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Vincent van der Horst

Key features

Everyone is responsible for different tasks during their working day. Each of us has to face various challenges. Sometimes people have to perform their duties in a big or small team – they hold planned meetings or quick and spontaneous ones. Sometimes people have to work individually. A well-designed office space in the service sector, which meets all these different needs, can increase a company's efficiency by 20%. 


Sand is one of the solutions that help ensure the acoustic comfort of an interior. Its structure makes the system perfect for arranging zones designed for people working quietly. It protects employees from distracting factors and helps them perform tasks that require a level of high concentration effectively. The Sand arrangements that are designed for holding spontaneous meetings provide employees with a sense of privacy, yet at the same time prevent users of nearby workstations from hearing noise that is too intense.


The reception area is the showpiece of every office – the thing that really matters is the first impression. However, we cannot forget that a reception area is still a workplace. Therefore it must be functional and adjusted to the needs of its users.


Vincent van der Horst

He was born in Amstelveen, a Dutch city, in 1972. Since his early childhood, he has shown interest in many different disciplines. He studied architecture as well as marketing and communication.
In 1997–2004 he worked as a senior designer and account manager in a furniture manufacturing company in The Hague.
Looking for a wider perspective, he set up his own design studio Crystallize – Allround Design, together with his schoolmate. His furniture projects are sold in over 100 countries.



Technical details


Price group 0

Basic Fabric
Imitation Leather

Price group 1

Sempre / Sempre Melange

Price group 2

Rivet - new!


Price group 3

Split Leather
Step / Step Melange

Price group 4


24/7 Flax

Price group 5

Fine Leather
Remix 3 - new!

Price group 6

Nappa Leather

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In a contemporary office people change their work styles smoothly. The proper space arrangement, which gives employees a chance to choose the place where they want to perform their professional duties, can increase their efficiency by up to 60%.


Belise encourages the user to stay in constant motion ‒ it gives rhythm to fast-paced work and to brief, efficient conversations.

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