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MeeThink, Dotto, Tauko, Belise, Cafe
MeeThink, Intrata, Xilium, 2ME
MeeThink, Creva, Njord, Cafe, Fondo
MeeThink, Tulipan, Athena, Zone

„My aim was to design a table which is both timeless and unique.
MeeThink Y, thanks to minimalist transparent base, is a real eyecatcher that fits into every interior.”

Agnieszka Niedzielska
Nowy Styl Design Team

Other matching products


Everyone likes this moment at work –
a break, a minute to catch breath, time when we leave the desk and sit on the sofa or armchair. Regardless of whether it is
a moment of relaxation, informal conversation or waiting for a meeting,
the streamlined shapes and soft finishes
of Naudu create an open and cosy atmosphere.


Thanks to its modular structure, the system allows you to arrange the office according to the needs resulting from the tasks being performed, including team and individual work. The system also works well in shared zones such as relaxation and reception areas.


Xilium is more than just an office chair. It is the partner of your success and a safe investment because of its functionality and durability. Xilium is also a work tool you can use to raise the comfort of your employees fast and simple. Because a non-ergonomic chair is among the five most often indicated drawbacks of modern offices.


A charmingly simple design and incredible flexibility – these are the most distinctive features of Xenium. The chairs adjust perfectly to the user’s body shape, ensuring healthy sitting. Plus, their design and functionality meet the highest standards.
Chairs for all your needs!


Ergonomics and comfort – obviously they were inspirations for Martin Ballendat while designing the 4ME line. The armchair is a perfect example of how top-grade design can be combined with functionality.


The Zone sofas and armchairs ensure an excellent proportion of lightness to comfort. The simple form and stable structure provide a sense of luxury and safety. Just take a seat and you will be taken to a comfort zone.


Kaika's tulip-like shape is an invitation to the world of nature. It was nature itself that provided us with inspiration for the chair's flower-like shape.


The Athena armchair combines a clear form, delightful soft lines, a streamlined shape and perfect finishing elements ‒ it is a class of its own. This model will surely provide magnificent setting both in a café and in an office.


Cafe is a wide range of cafe chairs made of profiled plywood. The use of high quality materials and carefully chosen finishes add a unique character to the whole line.


Axo likes to surprise. Its biggest advantage ‒ mobility ‒ cannot be overestimated.


This multifunctional chair is an excellent choice for conference, training and meeting rooms.


The wide range of finishes and new trendy colours of the Tauko chairs make the furniture ideal for presentations in office, cafe and hotel interiors. Whereas, the modularity of the Tauko tables will prove successful in meeting and training rooms.

Vesta New

Classics and style. Thanks to its simple shape and classic look, Vesta New will fit into every conference room easily.


INTRATA offers solutions in three categories: Manager, Operative and Visitor. Never before has there been a chair on the market with so many individual options to adapt its look to a given interior, or simply to own personality.

Conect II

Elegant and light form, modern shape and high quality upholsteries ‒ these are the characteristic features of the Conect II modular line.


Lightness, simplicity and geometrical shapes of the Dotto pouffes line add a friendly atmosphere to each space. The models the Dotto family consists of will complement and warm up the open space skilfully. They will also aid in arranging informal meeting zones and fun rooms.


Unique design combined with a comfortable seat and a stable base, as well as a wide range of available finishes are the characteristics of the Evora: a high chair designed for public spaces which fosters all kinds of creative encounters.


A slender line and harmonious shapes distinguish FEN chairs. As a multifunctional visitor chair it ensures comfortable sitting and fulfills other demandings of the office spaces as well.


Fondo chairs are simply practical: light, easy to clean, hygienic and convenient to stack.


Belise encourages the user to stay in constant motion ‒ it gives rhythm to fast-paced work and to brief, efficient conversations.


The line of the STYL chairs has been designed for conference rooms and lecture halls. It will be the perfect solution during plays and lectures. Its elegant shape and top quality upholsteries will match even the most prestigious halls.


The professional line of the Iso chairs is a solution designed for all types of conference rooms and auditorium halls. Thanks to the wide range of models and availability of various functions, the chairs are successfully used in offices as well as at schools and universities.


A classic line of wooden chairs made of profiled beech plywood available in a wide range of models.


The versatile shape, the lightweight design and the multitude of available configurations make the Tulipan chair a reliable piece of furniture and a great choice for cafes, bars and other public places.

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