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Key features

Due to the wide range of models and additional elements as a tablet, the Calado chair is the perfect choice for all conference and lecture rooms. By using the universal row linking system, you can easily control distance adjustment.

  • 4L – up to 8 pieces, 12 pieces on a stacking cart.
  • 4L-ARM / FRONT and 4L-ARM – up to 6 pieces, 10 pieces on a stacking cart.
  • CFS – up to 10 pieces, 21 pieces on a stacking cart.
  • HOCKER – up to 6 pieces.
  • Stacking cart with 4 castors fitted with a brake.


Seat and backrest

Backrest – PP (polypropylene) reinforced with glass fibre. Maximum dimensions 440 × 370 mm.
Seat – PP (polypropylene) inner and outer seat. Maximum dimensions 430 × 455 mm.
Seat Plus – seat cushion made of foam (density 25 kg/m3, thickness 20 mm). PP (polypropylene) colours and codes: black – CPP02; light grey – CPP32; olive – CPP34; cherry – CPP30; white – CPP01.


Armrest pads made of PP.
Armrest writing tablet made of PP.
Armrests integrated with the frame. 4L-ARM/FRONT MODEL – chair to be hung on the table top.

Writing tablet

Writing tablet (right or left) – available as an option for the Calado 4L-ARM model only. Tablets cannot be retrofitted. Calado chairs with tablets cannot be stacked.

Additional fittings


  • dedicated for 4-leg chairs (max leg diameter 25 mm, max rear leg angle 18°),
  • distance regulation: 60 mm, 7-step distance, adjustment lock function (10 mm stroke),
  • distance adjustment marking,
  • floor mounting option,
  • distance adjustment for the AXO versions with glides G17F G3, G3F: 410–470 mm.

    The linking system is made of: a steel bar 40 × 4 mm, a steel tube Ø 54 × 3.2 mm, steel foil 1 mm thick, PP slide bearing. Powder-coated in black, RAL 9005.


CFS – steel rod Ø 11 mm.
4L – steel tube Ø 18 mm and steel rod Ø 11 mm.
4L-ARM/FRONT – steel tube 18 × 2 mm and steel rod Ø 11 mm.
4L-ARM – steel tube Ø 18 mm and steel rod Ø 11 mm.
HOCKER – steel tube Ø 18 × 2 mm and steel rod.
Possibility to connect chairs into rows using glides (applicable to the CFS model) or LINK-PLASTIC 18 REG (applicable to the 4L model).


ABS glides for the 4L model.
Polyethylene (PE) glides for the CFS model.
Optional: row linking glides.

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