Nowy Styl Communication Hub

Contents What have we learnt from the pandemic? How do we find our way working remotely? Do we need offices? The future is hybrid working The Communication Hub - a hybrid office Enter the Communication Hub – Let’s meet in office of tomorrow! 18 WELCOMING SPACE Host & meet 20 MANAGERIAL SPACE Manage & decide 22 WORKSTATIONS Work & consult 25 CAFÉ Talk & relax 26 AGILE SPACE Collaborate & update 28 MEETING SPACE Discuss & co-create 31 FOCUS XL Concentrate & solve 31 NAP ROOM Calm & rest How office models have changed? 02 04 06 08 10 14 32 Editors Nina Gonera Sławomira Rzepkowska Mikołaj Tarnawa Space plan and visualisations Artur Suchan Joanna Perek Łukasz Sztuka Graphic design Agata Sieczkowska Landing page Magdalena Chudzik We would like to thank all those who were involved in the process of creating this report by devoting their time and engagement. Thank you for sharing experience and supporting its creation. © Copyright 2021 NSG TM Sp. z o.o. Publications of NSG TM Sp. z o.o. Brands and trademarks used herein are the property of NSG TM Sp. z o.o. Contents