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Brand new opening!

Let’s meet in our new London showroom! It’s a space for two of our brands: Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co, where they show the best they have. The doors will open on a special date - just in time for Clerkenwell Design Week: 24-26 May 2022.

This is going to be a unique opportunity to see the latest products, explore creative solutions designed for office space and test the awarded pieces of furniture. Be one of the first guests to visit the new venue and open yourself up to new inspiration.

Showroom opening

Check out photos from our London showroom launch during the Clerkenwell Design Week.

Space worth seeing

Our showroom is located in the heart of Clerkenwell. To the fore comes a spacious shop front opening onto Clerkenwell Street. Inside, the first space has the air of an art gallery a la Tate Modern. The bright, transparent area allowing the design of Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co products to play the leading role. The natural light flowing into the interior from both sides of the building. It gives an opportunity to take a good look at the colours, dominated by jade green, ochre, slate gray and natural wood.

The next space has a much warmer and quiet interior. It is filled with earth-toned design that offers a sense of retreat and tranquility. Our showroom is also honoured to host many famous names, as the space if filled with designs by Luigi Colani and kaschkasch and lighting is designed by Louis Poulsen and VernerPanton.

Nowy Styl

We have the best furniture solutions for your office. We have arranged numerous office spaces of different sizes and in a variety of sectors in Europe and all over the world. We closely cooperate with our clients and for more complex projects we use the support of long-standing partners. Let’s make your space together.


Tilkka will bring some warmth and a whiff of freshness to your space. In the office it will be a perfect place for a moment of chillout, and at home it creates a cosy atmosphere. >>


CS5040 fulfils the vision of timeless, good-looking and functional piece of furniture. With desks, workbenches, meeting tables and storage solutions, provides a truly comprehensive approach. >>


Souly - have a look at this design-oriented, passion-based chair that impersonates bright minds. It is a perfect match for all working spaces where creativity speaks first. >>


A brand recognized around the world for its excellent quality and exceptional design of office products: chairs, furniture, and specialized solutions for the healthcare sector and passenger terminals. Our products serve people and the environment for decades and more. Timeless in design and durability, bold and made with the highest precision.

Creva desk

Creva desk – an extraordinary table series that succeeds in transposing the design aesthetics of home furniture to the office environments. >>

Creva soft seating

Creva soft seating – a new perspective in interior design for offices, lounges, lobbies and cafes. Right at first glance, it encourages you to sit and relax! >>


Embla – visually light and lively. Made entirely of beech. Require little space themselves but offer enormous possibilities of arranging the interior. >>

Red Dot 2022 for V-Care, Kusch+Co novelty

Red Dot is one of the world’s biggest design competitions for designers and manufacturers. V-Care was designed by Justus Kolberg. He paid a lot of attention to the unique PU shell - the central element of the chair, harmonizing with the elegant frame.

The new product is a reflection of our human-centered design approach. V-Care’s name speaks for itself: „we care about your comfort“.

Press kit
Nowy Styl
V-Care Press kit

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