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  • Wrist complaints
  • Pain in shoulders 


  • Rounded back
  • Pain in the lumbar region
  • RSI chronic overloading of muscles and tendons
  • Vertebrae pressing discs

Digestion issues

  • Disturbed metabolism, obesity, bad cholesterol
  • The level of fat burning enzymes lower by up to 90%

Blood system

  • High blood pressure, circulation problems
  • Legs oedema and varicose veins, development of heart diseases

Respiratory system  

  • reduction of lung capacity
  • shallow and ineffective breathing resulting from the abnormal body posture

Pain in muscles, neck, jaw and face

  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Costen’s syndrome


  • computer vision syndrome (burning, tearing, headache and decreased concentration)
  • worse sight

Chronic stress

  • muscle tension
  • headaches
  • concentration problems
  • difficulty in making decisions
  • depression

As many as 80% of employees claim that a company’s strategy for employee well-being will be a factor in determining whether they will join and stay at a particular organisation for the next 10 years.* The type of office equipment and the method of office arrangement have a huge influence on employees’ work comfort: the temperature and air quality of an interior, good acoustic properties, and lighting that varies in intensity depending on the time of day. How can you take care of all these aspects to reduce employee turnover?

* CBRE, Wellness – poznaj biurową przyszłość, 2017.

Anna Marszałek
Senior Workplace Research and Spaceplanning Consultant


Healthier work

Ergonomic solutions


Xilium is more than just an office chair. It is the partner of your success and a safe investment because of its functionality and durability. Xilium is also a work tool you can use to raise the comfort of your employees fast and simple. Because a non-ergonomic chair is among the five most often indicated drawbacks of modern offices.


A functional and properly adjusted chair is the basis of office ergonomics. Navigo is an ideal solution for modern office spaces.


Ergonomics and comfort – obviously they were inspirations for Martin Ballendat while desiging the 4ME line. The armchair is a perfect example of how top-grade design can be combined with functionality.


Transparency, lightness and pure elegance. These 3 catchwords describe the new Sail product family in its most important characteristics. In addition to diverse functionality, the freedom of movement and comfort play a significant role with Sail. Both are particularly facilitated through the slender and flexible design of the backrest.


Our bodies have not been designed to sit all day, this is why it is very important that we change our position while at work.
Meet eUP desks and find a healthier way to spend your day in the office.

XIO 2.0

A perfect world could not exist without responses tailored to your requirements. Body and mind are one. When you relax and your mind is at rest, your thoughts usually become clear and new ideas keep flowing into your head. This is exactly what XIO 2.0 offers: intelligent solutions, perfectly corresponding to the employees’ needs.


Desks with height adjustment – both single desks and workbench workstations – are elements of the Red Dot award-winning Play&Work system, designed by WertelOberfell studio. The most characteristic features of the system are the unique round leg, metal and upholstered panels, and accessories that reference the Bauhaus style. The panels can be fitted with a full range of functional and colourful accessories, such as a pencil box, a binder shelf, magnetic boards or a headphones hanger.


Ergonomics is the general principle behind our office design, especially where a PC is the main working tool. A desk with electrically controlled height adjustment, available as part of the system, allows table parameters to be quickly adjusted to the user’s height. Maintaining a correct body position contributes to improved work comfort, good health and general physical and mental state.

The current technology allows us to use the right mechanisms that help us take care of users’ health. For instance, the S-MOVE mechanism enables the user to move their body smoothly and naturally in three different dimensions. Our patented GLIDE-TEC mechanism supports the user’s back in changing its shape – from straight to rounded – while the divided Duo-Back backrest follows the user’s back movements and provides support to the spine-surrounding muscles, without putting any pressure on the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. It is also important to mention that one office chair is often used by a few people, so a wide range of adjustments and intuitiveness are crucial. They allow users to adjust the chair to their body size and shape quickly and precisely.

Marion Kurz
Product Manager, Nowy Styl Group Germany

Out of concern for well-being

We want to help our clients create the best workplaces possible and provide them with the latest ergonomic solutions. That’s why we collaborate with the world’s best designers, regularly monitor emerging possibilities and fit our products with new mechanisms that increase their comfort and functionality. Our Product Management and Product Implementation Departments are responsible for all of these activities.

Users’ well-being is as important to us as their comfort, which is why we pay attention not only to our products, but also to the overall work environment. We survey organisations and advise our clients on acoustics, access to daylight, the number and type of office zones, etc. We also help them choose the right arrangement style to match the company, creating a talent-attracting atmosphere and increasing employees’ satisfaction.

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