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Desks that move

We are increasingly aware as a society. Changes around us make us more responsible and entail a series of further modifications, which impact our daily routine. We want to look better, we try to keep fit and healthy, we want to stop the time and enjoy life to the full as long as possible. There is a clear correlation between health and sport or entertainment; those are the elements that help us boost our wellbeing and self-esteem. All of this can be summed up in a simple statement: a sound mind in a sound body.

Sometimes you start with baby steps. You quit smoking, cut down on sugar, drink more water and take the stairs rather than use a lift. Each of these tiny stones cast into the garden labelled as “health” contributes to our “wellbeing”. By expanding its portfolio of electric desks, Nowy Styl provides more solutions that will help you take care of your wellbeing, this time at work. It doesn’t matter whether you work in the office or from home.

Are you ready to get up and go?

We recommend the following routine for each hour of work: 30 minutes in a sitting position, ca. 15 minutes in a standing position and 15 minutes moving.
Each of the following solutions will help you adjust the height of your workstation and boost your endorphin levels.  


Ready, Steady, eUP! 

The line of electric height adjustment desks has just been expanded with a new model eUP. It is a functional desk, easy to operate, which comes together with a workbench – a nice alternative to your office chair. The eUP line is for everybody. Its simple design will suit any interior, both a company and a home office, while its functionality will surely come up to your expectations.
Do you need specific, simple answers? Here they are! 



eModel 2.0

Imagine a perfect world, an ideal place. You have your goals, your dreams; you are aiming for the best and making an effort to fulfil your plans.

Thanks to new technologies and solutions you can make the most of each day and use every single minute of your precious time. Your perfect world, your ideal place is at your fingertips. New generation of eModel 2.0 desks is an excellent solution even for the most demanding of you. it will help you work in a sitting and standing position, alternately, which removes the load off your spine and neck muscles. Being able to assume a standing or semi-standing position easily is also good for your health and therefore also impacts your effectiveness and comfort of work.


XIO 2.0

A perfect world could not exist without witty responses tailored to your requirements. Body and mind are one. When you relax and your mind is at rest, your thought usually become clear and new ideas keep flowing into your head. This is exactly what XIO 2.0 does: it proposes intelligent solutions, perfectly corresponding to the employees’ needs. XIO 2.0 knows exactly what you need and can adjust to any environment, be it a conference room, team or individual workstation.




We detest it when boredom sneaks into our lives. Instead, we tend to highlight our unique personality in new, increasingly vibrant ways. Companies also wish to work with talented people who know how to make the most of their own skills. They perceive work as something that can be fun rather than routine. Design your office space based on the latest trends, where colour, material, smooth shapes and unique, modernistic layout will be an inspirations for your employees. Make your interior special and create a friendly working environment. If you’re into design, you will love Play&Work. This is no ordinary furniture: these are desks that inspire creativity




You appreciate the best, you know perfection when you see it and you can definitely recognise what’s barely acceptable. The latter will not convince you. eRange collaborates and supports your efforts – you two will get along. Comfort paired with aesthetics will give you the luxury you deserve. All of its components are exactly what they should be. All of them do their job, at the same time contributing to a harmonious design. eRange is a transparent, intuitive system for arranging a sophisticated, practical space. It suggests good solutions for those who believe luxury should be a standard.


This is an apt summary of electric height adjustment desks – our line of desks with electric height regulation. We know you’re busy. You are forever chasing a deadline and your inbox is full. And this doesn’t end when you clock out. Although your life is hectic, try not to forget about yourself. Change your position a few times a day. Do not sped all the time sitting on a chair. Use the solutions offered by electrical height adjustment desks 
regulated desks.

Take it easy, we don’t want you to take up pilates or yoga in your open space office. It’s enough if you take baby steps, as mentioned above.  We spend 1/3 of our day at work, usually in a sitting position. We forget that human body has been designed to move and requires exercise. We can change our daily routine in the office, while you work away at your PC You don’t have to be familiar with all the trendy keywords: Wellbeing, Flexible working, ergonomics.

Sometimes a slight movement can lift your spirit and help you discover a whole new quality of work.

We want to keep fit and healthy. It’s time to move it! Continuous, prolonged sitting position is the worst that can happen to your body. It’s much better if you change positions.


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