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Changes in the Office Inspiration Centre: creative effort to make the work more ergonomic

The past three years have been a milestone in the development of the Nowy Styl product portfolio. We want our showrooms to reflect our accomplishments, which is precisely why we keep adjusting the arrangement and interior design in these spaces. After we completed a major refurbishment of level 0, it’s time to rearrange level +1. Just like before, we pursued a certain consistent concept when introducing the changes. See how we redesigned our Office Inspiration Centre in Kraków.

The facility was created in order to showcase the latest office solutions. It is constantly changing and being rearranged by architects to inspire again and again.

The story that unfolds in front of your eyes on level 0 is colourful – it is the history of design and a bold step towards trendsetting, the taste of which you can get in our customised zone known as Connect&Create.


More about the changes on the ground floor



 Since 2017, the date our Krakow showroom was opened, a lot has changed. Design, finishing options, and the way offices are arranged, as work has become more dynamic and multitasking. Regular rearrangement of space is therefore essential. Office Inspiration Centre will always have an ambition to keep up the pace of changing trends - says Dominika Kukieła, interior architect in Nowy Styl, responsible for the rearrangement.




On level +1 we wanted to hold your attention for a while. Sustainability is a perfect topic for this purpose. We offered an artistic interpretation of this idea in the form of a collage designed by our graphic artist.


- As an insider, I know all there is to know about Nowy Styl and its CSR projects. With this work I wanted to create an honest and visually interesting story about the values we stand for as a company - says Katarzyna Grochowska, graphic designer at Nowy Styl, the author of the collage.


The collage is in a small glazed room known as Forest, right opposite the entrance. Kasia decided to illustrate the sustainability measures taken by our company and pictured them as symbols. This is how she opened the way for us to interact with our guests, who can use this opportunity to relax and play the classic guessing game along with us.


Comfy while working

Apart from the small Forest room designed for conference calls or individual meetings, on the first floor you will also find two suggested designs of managerial offices with furniture from the Play&Work and eRange lines, as well as a large conference room known as Ocean and Desert - a room for brainstorming, ad hoc consultations and working is smaller groups. The names of the rooms correspond to the interior design, which is a reference to a specific ecosystem in each case.

The Hexa system, dry-wipe boards and a bookshelf - this is our idea of a flexible office space. In the morning you can use it for daily Scrums, and during the day it can be your focus room. While the Hexa system is well known, it has so far been used mainly as a place to rest or for short meetings. Reintepreting functions is also a skill. It’s now always that you have to come up with new solutions. Sometimes it’s enough to look at the existing and popular options from a different angle.


The chillout zone designed for informal meetings is mainly furnished with soft-seating options. Everybody can pick a comfortable place for themselves: a sofa, a pouffe, a chaise-longue or a swing. But there is more to it: you can easily use this space to organise an informal meeting or a conference call. If needed, you can remove the light furniture and use the remaining space to arrange a conference room.

More than just a showroom

Apart from being an exposition space, Office Inspiration Center is also an office for some members of our team. That’s why it had to be arranged not only as an attractive presentation of solutions and products by Nowy Styl, but mainly as a place of effective, ergonomic work.

This space houses the architects’ zone, or a miniature office - the workstations are furnished with height adjustable desks, and the tall Levitate table is perfect for team consultations. Moodboards and the chillout zone with Miuki pouffes complete the look of this space. Next to it there is the place where our sales team works. The priority in this zone is mobility, so we opted for the SQart table with benches for less formal meetings, and a large combined Play&Work tabletop with our most ergonomically advanced Xilium chairs. Our team can also use the focus room and a phone booth.

Between the space for the sales team and the architects’ workshops there is the creative zone with a large, light-coloured table, which is perfect for browsing through sample books. And nothing here is left to chance. Specialists from these three worlds meet in order to render a physical form to their ideas and sketches. This is also where they find inspiration, inhale colour and sense the texture of various finishes. This is the contemporary office – it’s a hub where we come to meet, inspire and be inspired.

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