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Christmas chillout space: movies, music and books to enjoy the special time of year

First things first: we all have our own idea of what Christmas chillout should look like. Some of us will enjoy some time with the family, others will prefer a moment of solitude, others yet may go for a quiet and serene time-out with their partner. Experts in wellbeing agree on this one: a good chillout is the ability to choose zones that are significant for us and combine them in a harmonious way. This time we would like to share with you our ideas - we hope they will inspire you and help you come up with a perfect arrangement to help you relax and clear your mind over Christmas. Are you ready? Explore our Christmas chillout space.

Mindful entrance zone

This zone is designed to help you enter the Christmas chillout mode. In order to relax, you need to slow down and enjoy the here and now. That’s why the first idea we have for you is “Encounters at the End of the World”, a documentary by Werner Herzog. It shows the unparalleled beauty of Antarctica - a white, quiet and peaceful place. Full of Nature’s miracles. It is also a portrayal of people who live in this secluded and distant part of the world. Interesting, incredible, fascinating people. This is an opportunity to learn about their lives and motivation to stay in an extremely demanding environment. All this is served in the beautiful scenery full of crisp white snow. This movie will be a good prelude before the quiet and warm Christmas spirit sets in. Wherever you are, it is definitely warmer than Antarctica.

Family meeting zone

This is where we create relations and unforgettable moments of attachment. This is the essence of Christmas, that’s why we decided to make this zone the most prominent.

Our first suggestion is the album titled “It feels like Christmas” by Vitamin String Quartet. This is a collection of instrumental arrangements of well-known Christmas pieces. In this collection you will find fresh versions of popular pieces of Christmas music: this time they are full of positive vibe and exude creativity paired with musical beauty and elegance rendered by string instruments. The album “It feels like Christmas” will be appreciated by all generations.

Another inspiration is especially for parents and children. This is a cartoon titled “Kubo and the Two Strings”. This beautiful and moving story is inspired by Japanese folk tales. In this movie you get to meet a boy named Kubo, who wants to get his parents back. But it’s not only the story that will grab your hearts - you will also be enchanted by the Japanese aesthetics and attention to detail. At this point it’s worth saying that this is not a computer-animated film. That’s why we also recommend that you have a look at the “making-of”. You will see the backstage of the creation process and see how the video was made from scratch. Each character, each detail and element of the stage design was actually made in the form of miniature figures and locations. You will easily find the “behind-the-scenes” materials on popular video portals such as YouTube - it’s worth the effort!

Education through chillout zone

In this multifunctional space chillout meets education. This is where we would like you to explore the TV series titled “Abstract. The art of design” by Netflix. Although it was shot a few years back, it is still a valuable source of inspiration, knowledge and entertainment. Each of the 14 episodes focuses on a single fascinating personality - all of these people are various renowned designers. This is an opportunity to discover how they are inspired, how they think and how they became the best in their field. The famous names you will hear in this series include e.g. an architect Bjarke Ingels, an interior designer Ilse Crawford, a famous designer of Nike footwear, Tinker Hatfield, a legend of graphic design, Paula Scher or Ralpha Gilles, who comes up with  concept vehicles, to mention but a few. The whole series is an impressive collection of well-known names: excellent designers, fascinating characters and interesting stories.


Individual growth zone

Last but not least, we reach the most individual zone - although Christmas is associated with family time, some of us also need a moment for themselves. Our suggestion for individual growth is a book titled “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari. In his latest book the famous Israeli historian analyses the contemporary reality and shares his outlook on the most important issues and challenges humanity needs to face at this time. He touches upon a variety of subjects, from biotech development, through broadly understood politics, to the impact and challenges of the contemporary world with regard to our individual wellbeing. The author shares his deep insight, but manages to look at his own views from a certain distance. He doesn’t aim to shock you. Instead, he is trying to steer your attention smoothly to specific issues and make you sensitive to them. Having read this book, you will gain a more insightful perspective of the world around you, without having to destroy the Christmas spirit.

OFFICEially Christmas!

And now comes the time when we would like to wish you all the best: warm, kind atmosphere, friendly and cheerful meetings with your loved ones, and a lot of happiness found in the smallest details of everyday life. Plus – lots of optimism, positive vibes and inner peace. Enjoy the festive season!


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