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Oscar Buffon

Eco-aware chair with modern soul

Design-oriented look combined with pure comfort.

Plenty of finishes in range of colours and types.

Extra comfort due to pocket springs in the seat (option).

Intuitive, ergonomic mechanisms.

Dedicated "in house" design of base and lumbar support.

Headrest adjustable in three dimensions.

Quick and simple assembly.


Souly was brought to life with a great dose of eco-awareness.
Designed by Oscar Buffon who pays attention to the ecology and developed by specialists who know the value of sustainable solutions.

Souly is the product that is
less-waste itself!



Mesh MV on the backrest made in 80% of post-consumer polyester.

Seat cushion got used or damaged? Order a new seat, not a whole chair.

Headrest and lumbar support to be added or removed at anytime.

Elements easily separable for segregation and disposal.

Compact packaging to be shipped by courier, with reduced amount of plastic.


"Design of Souly connects fluid but well-defined geometry with great attention to the environmental aspect of the product. Such approach let optimise costs and eventually made a high quality, eye-catching, fully-ergonomic chair available to a wide range of customers."

Oscar Buffon
Designer of Souly


Amazing look, pure comfort, competitiveness and ecology aspect are zipped in one chair. It's Souly!


Key features

No matter how tall you are, headrest keeps up with you and ensures three-way support:

  • 11 positions in height
  • 20 mm of depth adjustment
  • 70° rotation

two types of semi-transparent meshes

upholstery at the front and reinforcing Runner (mesh 3D fabric) at the back



Lumbar support is manually adjusted, easy to add or remove with no tools. Made of soft elastomer.


Seat of Souly is wide and highly comfortable while injected foam and optional pocket springs guarantee long life and durability.

Side drops are always applied if seat upholstered in: Rivet, Remix 3, Silvertex, Valencia or Kaiman. Colour mix of seat and side drops possible within the same fabric type.




Price group 0

Basic Fabric
Imitation Leather

Price group 2


Rivet - new!

Price group 3

Split Leather
Step / Step Melange

Price group 4

24/7 Flax

Price group 5

Fine Leather
Remix 3 - new!

Price group 6

Nappa Leather

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Business services

Katowice, Poland

Zakrzewscy Meat Plant

Kosów Lacki, Poland

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