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Poznań, Poland


Poznań, Poland

4ME&2ME , Puzlo, eUP2

Poznań, Poland

eUP , Easy Space, 4ME

Poznań, Poland

Tapa , MeeThink, 2ME, Tepee

Poznań, Poland

CS5040 , Levitate, 2ME

Poznań, Poland

MeeThink , Tapa, Levitate, 4ME, Puzlo

Poznań, Poland

2ME, CS5040

Poznań, Poland

2ME, CS504

Poznań, Poland

Puzlo , MeeThink, CS5040

Poznań, Poland

Levitate , Puzlo

Poznań, Poland

4Mee, Puzlo, eUP2

B.Braun is a medical company, a manufacturer of high-quality instruments used in surgery, orthopaedics, endoscopy, anaesthesiology and dentistry.

Although we come from different sectors, we have a lot in common.  Both our businesses strive to improve people’s health by searching for innovative solutions and including them in their products. Just like Nowy Styl, B.Braun also shares its knowledge by organising training sessions for its clients around the world. And we both cherish such values as innovativeness, efficiency and sustainable development in our everyday practice.


The project has been very important for me from the beginning. First of all, we’re familiar with B.Braun. We used to work together in the past, but never on a major project like the one in Poznań.  Secondly, B. Braun picked the highest office building in Poznań, known as Andersia Tower, and planned to arrange its offices on the 18th floor. What I love about this place is the view - the vibrant panorama of Poznań. It’s breathtaking. And this is one of the major advantages of this office. Our modern furniture solutions highlighted the nature and vibe of this place. I must admit I enjoyed every minute of this project – says Natalia Samsel – Dados, Senior Sales Manager at Nowy Styl.

B.Braun chose to trust us with the office concept, and the architect’s vision turned out to be in line with the client’s expectations. The colour scheme was perfectly suited to this place. Bright green, which is usually associated with the medical industry and happens to be the leading brand shade of B.Braun, was juxtaposed with off-white, purple and the colour of wood, to make the interior warmer. This is how a modern office was created for a modern company with modern staff.

Electrical height adjustment desks are gradually becoming a new office standard. That’s why we chose to include them in this project and ensure comfortable, ergonomic working conditions for the company employees. Apart from work zones, there were also 4 conference rooms and 3 zones for ad hoc meetings or speedy consulting sessions. There are no random products here and every piece of furniture has a specific function.

Project summary





Number of workstations




200 m2

Challenges - solutions- results



  1. Choosing a colour scheme to match a medical company.
  2. Creating ergonomic workstations for the employees.
  3. Meeting the client’s expectations - creating a modern office to match the highest skyscraper in the city.


  1. Using bright green, which is associated with the medical industry and happens to be the brand colour of B.Braun, with off-white, purple and wooden elements.
  2. Creating ergonomic workstations composed of a furniture duo: the 4ME chair and one of the eUp2 desks.
  3. Using modern furniture in an arrangement that makes a friendly workspace.


  1. An office arranged in the colour scheme associated with B.Braun and the entire medical sector.
  2. Improved working conditions and higher efficiency of the call centre staff.
  3. Creating a modern office - a flagship place, which meets the client’s expectations.

Teams involved in the project

Sales Team, Customer Service, Assembly Team


Height adjustable solutions

Soft seating

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