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Orgatec intro

Last year we attended the Stockholm Furniture Fair for the first time. This is when you showed us what work-life balance is about. And we were absolutely hooked on fika and lagom.

From 4th to 8th February we will visit the prestigious trade fair in Sweden for the second time. This time you can find us on stand A21:20.

Among the solutions presented this year, the Nowy Styl Group will show also some inspiring arrangements based on the outstanding portfolio of our brand, Kusch+Co.

Some of us appreciate or don’t mind working from home. Others rather tend to avoid it, but still they would like to feel at ease in the office – they want to feel at home. This increasing trend changes the approach to office space design. Our designers at Kusch+Co have a special instinct for such trends, which is why they manage to come up with flexible solutions for working space associated with relaxation and efficiency at the same time. Working together with your colleagues, in a homely, friendly atmosphere, can be pleasant, comfortable and inspiring.

Stockholm, it’s Good to Seat You Again!

Stockholm Furniture Fair: From the heart of Bieszczady Mountains to the parlour.

Welcome to the Bieszczady region in south-eastern Poland. This is the location of the pearl in the crown of the Nowy Styl Group, the Wood Processing Plant in Rzepedź. Today we would like to invite you on a tour around the plant. As you join us, you will have the opportunity to learn the history behind a certain log. And as you know, some things start with a log.


Stockholm Furniture Fair: A chair or a table – that is the question.

STOL /stuːl/  (swe) or STÓŁ [stuw] (pol). Stol is Swedish for chair. Stół is Polish for table. Coincidence? There is no such thing as a coincidence. We have a lot in common when it comes to planning office space.  We can say we “fit together”. You will find the portfolio of the Nowy Styl Group, which also features the furniture manufactured by our Kusch+Co brand, quite attractive.

Discover our products

Manufactured in our plants. Based on our components and many natural materials. See its configurations and explore its functionalities!


Working, sitting, communicating, relaxing – all in one.

With the new product family Creva, consisting of a multitude of complementary elements such as tables, benches, stools, bar stools, armchairs, sofas, screens and acoustic panels, the designers created something unique, transposing some home aesthetics into the working world. This home feeling is not only expressed through the design languages, but also through the materials. Many components are available both in wood or steel. New materials, such as felt, fulfil unusual functions. And the surface finishing springs to life through the interplay of coordinated colours, different materials and fabrics with finer and coarser textures.

Series Lupino from the international contract seating manufacturer Kusch+Co not only reflects the dynamics of our time, it also gives expression to our lifestyle as well as new inspiration for interior design concepts. Can an armchair be fresh, agile and cheeky at the same time? Yes, it can! If it succeeds in evoking emotions and appealing to the senses. As does Lupino.
Modern chairs with an interesting and eye-catching design, perfectly matching the Scandinavian style. Ergonomic, functional, and therefore comfortable in use. It has all the features that ensure optimal adaptation to the individual needs of the user.
Series ARN succeeds in coalescing the materials wood, aluminium and plastic into a harmonious symbiosis, resulting in a new interpretation of seating design and functionality. With ARN, the designers developed a series uniting an architectural, minimalist design language, a wellthought-out construction as well as a high level of comfort and versatility. The clean, straight lines as well as the rounded edges mimicking the shape of the legs characterise the namesake table series with matching design aesthetics, available in a multitude of variations.

Tables that go beyond the usual dimensions. The table series 9500/9550 capable of spanning large ranges up to and including 4 metres. With these new products, Kusch+Co reacts to the changes currently occurring in the modern working world by offering new, flexible solutions to adorn lounge-like workspaces. Even though most of the office work is still carried out in a seated posture, not all tasks are done at the own workstation: zones for creative breaks or informal conversations among colleagues are just as much needed as areas where staff members can work in tranquillity.

Sileo is a comprehensive line of sound-absorbing panels designed for an acoustic adaptation of an office. The line comprises products that have diverse applications and assembly methods. By implementing the panels separately or in configurations, depending on an interior character and your needs, you can take a thorough care of the users' acoustic comfort in an office. Recently, the offer has been extended to the Sileo S line, which consists of thinner and lighter wall panels, suspended, for desks and workbenches.

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