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In 30 years to over 100 countries

For 30 years we have been helping people all over the world arrange their offices and public spaces: stadiums, passenger terminals, multifunctional halls, cinemas and theatres. We want to make your work, travel and entertainment a healthier and more enjoyable experience, no matter where you are. We do our work with passion and respect for the environment. This approach has let us become a leader of the furniture industry. Here, we present the most groundbreaking moments from our colourful history.


Adam Krzanowski goes to the United States. Jerzy Krzanowski opens his first company in Poland.

A gap year, travel to the United States and a job unloading trucks at a chair manufacturing company. Sounds like a story of a typical student going to work abroad. During this trip, the future President of Nowy Styl starts to work at a chair manufacturer – the company Whyte. It is there where he gets promoted and gains professional knowledge. At the same time, Jerzy opens his restaurant in Krosno and learns how to run his own enterprise. The Krzanowski brothers start to think about establishing their own business.


The Krzanowski brothers establish a chair manufacturing company. The first chair branded “Nowy Styl” is made in Krosno.

Henry Stern, owner of the company Whyte, provides support to the start-up entrepreneurs. He inspires the Krzanowski brothers to open their own furniture factory and help them build business relationships with suppliers. Nowy Styl officially makes it onto the map of Polish enterprises. The first chairs are made. We hire 7 employees and produce 3 chair models.


We spread our wings. Nowy Styl at Krosno airport.

Our portfolio consists of 7 chair models, and our company employs 100 employees. It is time to move. We choose the shop floor at Krosno airport. The area covering over 2,000 m2 seems to be large enough to serve the company for many years to come.


It is time to conquer the market. We go to the East of Europe.

We are ready to present our product offer to an international audience. For the first time, we show 25 chair models at a fair in Moscow. We achieve huge success and establish many business contacts.


We exhibit at the biggest furniture fair in Germany.

The Orgatec fair is one of the most prestigious furniture fairs. Companies from several office space sectors in the market present their solutions in Cologne. We present our product offer there for the first time in 1996. Since that time we have always been present at the Orgatec fair, which is held regularly, every two years.


Baltic Wood enters the market.

Baltic Wood starts a new chapter in our company’s history. We complement our current offer with floors made of almost 30 types of wood. The Baltic Wood company offers 400 products made of European, American and exotic timber, including over 100 oak floors. They attract clients with their unique colours and bring to mind places in remote parts of the world.


First million chairs are sold.

We round off the 20th century spectacularly by selling our first million chairs. Our company employs so many people that we are unable to celebrate New Year’s Eve together.

We share our success with others.

Instead, we decide to organise a special New Year’s ball for children from local children's homes. As a gift, we give them chairs for their computer labs. Soon these balls become a new tradition for our company ‒ one which is continued to this day.


We hire 4,000 people. Jerzy Krzanowski establishes the Korczak Foundation.



The BN Office Solution brand comes into being.

For us, chairs are not enough. We decide to develop our product offer and create a new brand in our portfolio. We complement our offer with prestigious office furniture systems designed for office interiors all over the world. Today, the BN Office Solution brand cooperates with world-famous designers.


We accompany sports fans when they experience amazing moments at football stadiums all over the world.

Stadium seats have been part of our product offer since 1997. With the passing of time, they are becoming more and more popular. In 2006 Nowy Styl’s management board makes a brave decision – from now on, stadium seats will be sold under the Forum Seating brand. During the 2010 World Championships in South Africa, football fans sit on Polish chairs at the Green Point and Mbombela stadiums. Two years later, we equip all Polish stadiums with our seats for the 2012 World Championships in football.

Green Point Stadium

Capetown, South Africa

National Stadium

Bucharest, Romania

Mbombela Stadium

Nelspruit, South Africa

Groupama Arena

Budapest, Hungary

We award our best partners who have sold 60 million of our products in total.

During the first edition of our loyalty program, we award the titles of Golden and Silver Partners and give Platinum Plates to the best of the best. Since 2006, we have awarded 50 Silver and 50 Golden Partners of the Nowy Styl brand every year. Thanks to our great cooperation, we can achieve our common business aims together.


Our diamond armchair makes many dreams come true.

A diamond armchair, number 50,000,000, leaves our production plant in Krosno. Sold at an auction, it helps make some children's dreams come true.


We implement a functional management model.

In order to manage Nowy Styl's subsidiaries in Poland and abroad effectively, and to prepare for further dynamic development, the company undergoes some organisational changes. A 5-person management board becomes head of the company. Its members have different responsibilities based on their qualifications.


We develop our technology park.

We decide to build the most innovative furniture factory in Europe. We prepare for the new investment that will be erected in Jasło. It will be co-financed by the European Union and Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007‒2013. At the same time we continue looking for new solutions and invest in developing our technology park.


We invest in the German market where we make our first acquisition.

In May 2011 we purchase the German producer of Grammer Office chairs. We purchase a well-developed distribution network and products characterised by highly ergonomic properties, equipped with the patented GLIDE-TEC mechanism. Grammer Office becomes the fifth product brand in our portfolio.


We celebrate our 20th anniversary. In two decades, Nowy Styl has evolved from a small family-owned company into a global market player.

We have a global reach and departments in more than a dozen locations worldwide, e.g. in the UK, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. Thanks to our extended distribution network, we are able to supply our products to over 100 countries. Every day hundreds of thousands of people sit on our chairs. Our furniture can be found in offices, cinemas and stadiums around the world. In summer 2012, during the football European Championships, we proudly support teams playing their matches at four Polish stadiums equipped with our seats.


Our second acquisition. This time we complement our product portfolio with Rohde & Grahl chairs and furniture.

In June 2013 we purchase another German company ‒ Rohde & Grahl ‒ which is a leader in ergonomics and the construction of office chairs with high design, quality and ergonomic properties supported by the latest knowledge of medical centres. The chairs combine the uniqueness of dynamic movement with great flexibility, thanks to the use of patented solutions, such as the duo back mechanism. The Rohde & Grahl offer also includes functional furniture systems, reception counters and seating systems that allow users to adjust a space to their individual needs.


Adam Krzanowski wins the Polish edition of the prestigious "EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014" competition.

Our courageous expansion in Europe is noticed by the experts at EY. Adam Krzanowski wins the Polish edition of the prestigious "EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014" competition. He represents Poland in the international final of the competition in Monte Carlo, where he competes with managers of the fastest developing enterprises from all continents.

Adam Krzanowski
Adam & Jerzy Krzanowscy

We finish the process of building one of the biggest and most innovative furniture factories in Europe!

The investment we started in 2012 is finished. The new Nowy Styl's Furniture Factory, which was co-financed by the European Union, confirms our company's development potential. The use of state-of-the-art technologies allows us to shorten order completion time, customise our production and increase the quality of our products. We hold the official opening of our factory in September 2014.


The Swiss brand Sitag joins the Nowy Styl.

We strengthen our company's position in the Western European market through the acquisition of the Swiss company Sitag AG. The company brings into the company its own production facilities and distribution network for chairs and office furniture, which covers not only Switzerland but also Austria and Germany. According to the provisions in our agreement, we do not sell Sitag products in the Polish market.


We create our internal Research and Development Centre.

We create dedicated infrastructure in Jasło ‒ we invest in a building and all the necessary devices. We bring together experts who previously dealt with developing production technologies and product innovations in different departments at our company. We employ new engineers and technologists. Our project is acclaimed and receives financial support from European Funds.

We design virtual reality.

We have 29 showrooms located in the biggest European cities, e.g. in Warsaw, London, Paris, Berlin and Moscow. However, the limited space does not allow us to present the full scale of our possibilities. So we create a unique #OfficeVR tool that we use to show our product and arrangement solutions within an unlimited space. Our clients can see with their own eyes the new office arrangement project before it is implemented. With a single click, they can change a furniture system, walk around a huge office space, sit comfortably in a managerial office or check the functionality of a conference room. The #OfficeVR application was shown for the first time during the Orgatec fair in Cologne. It echoed widely throughout the furniture industry and led to our company's success at the fair.

Nos showrooms
Nos showrooms
Nos showrooms


Experts at the World Championships!

Thanks to our unique know-how, we have become experienced experts in arranging office and auditorium spaces for our clients. We have created modern, multi-disciplinary teams of experts, with whom we have surveyed thousands of employees and responded to their various needs.

Our know-how has allowed us to reach the championship level: chairs made by our Forum Seating brand will be installed at the six stadiums being built for the 2022 Qatar World Championships in football.


Expanding our business in the Middle East

As we follow the dynamic growth of tourism in the Middle East, we decide to set up Stylis, a company dealing in comprehensive arrangement of hotel spaces, with our local partner. Based on our local showroom, we also build a sales team to sell our office solutions in the Gulf.

Two Seasons Hotel, Dubai
Two Seasons Hotel, Dubai
Two Seasons Hotel, Dubai
Two Seasons Hotel, Dubai
Hotel Barcelo, Dubai
Barracuda Hotel, Umm Al Quwain
Occidental Hotel, Dubai


Entering new sectors

We continue to diversify our business. Nowy Styl is joined by Kusch+Co, a German family brand with a tradition of 80 years, famous for its advanced product design and great product recognition among architects. With the new company, our portfolio now features solutions for new sectors such as transportation (seats for passenger terminals) and health care. The company also has a wide range of office furniture, so together we become even more complementary.


We are strengthening our position in France

Within the same year, we are taking another big step, this time towards France. We are taking over the factories and employing most of the staff at Majencia, a long-time leader of this market. Under the brand of the Nowy Styl, we wish to more effectively execute the contracts for Majencia who, over the years, have gained the trust of customers from the public and private sectors.

We have been present over the Seine for almost 20 years, but by acquiring a new company, we have the ambition to become number one in a country which, next to Germany, is a major European market.


Nowy Styl with a new look. We are starting a rebranding process

After 28 years in the business, it is time for change. We feel that not only our customers expect our portfolio to be sorted out, but we need it ourselves too. At the same time, having multiple brands in our portfolio is a challenge. We see the need to build one, strong international brand: Nowy Styl.

We have decided to depart from using the term ‘Group’ for an umbrella brand, first on the Polish market, then all the other markets. The refreshed Nowy Styl brand is going to take over all of the identity earned by the Group. Brands we are keeping in our portfolio are those with good international recognisability (Kusch+Co, Forum Seating). Other brands that make up Nowy Styl Group portfolio (BN Office Solutions, Grammer Office, Rohde & Grahl) will cease to exist and their portfolio will become an integral part of the new brand called Nowy Styl.

Choosing the name Nowy Styl for the leading brand is a return to the roots of the company, founded in 1992 by brothers Adam and Jerzy Krzanowski. The initiated change is symbolised by a new logo.


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